The 2nd International Military Justice Forum will take place at the Stellenbosch Institute of Advanced Studies, South Africa, over the period 8-9 November 2023

It will be host by the Center of research of Saint-Cyr Military Academy Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan (CReC), in collaboration with the Faculty of Military Science of Stellenbosch University.

The International Military Justice Forum (IMJF) is an academic event dedicated to fostering scholarship and teaching in the fields of military justice and military criminal law. It aims at bringing together academics professionals, military officers, students and all those who share an interest in these exciting disciplines. Its first objective is to highlight the diversity of military justice systems, to expose their salient features, to explore their history and to underline their actual evolution. In a comparative way, the IMJF also aims to emphasise links and similarities that may have existed – or still exist – between national military laws, which may be consequences of circulations of legal models, codes, doctrines and people or the existence of geopolitical influences. This scientific event must finally allow us to imagine together what the future of military law could be, as our armed forces are transformed by new technologies and ever-changing threat perceptions. Its originality is to mix disciplines. History, law, ethics, philosophy, and new technologies will be at the heart of our debates and discussions.

José Guadalupe Posada

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